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What Business Owners Should Outsource Now


Below is a summary of the article from Forbes: Everything in a business rises and falls on the quality of its team. And the team that works together – in person – gets more done. As the world continues to venture into a virtual reality, I’m finding myself getting more and more old school about this one thing: I am a big believer in having all of our team members at Vanderbloemen be full-time employees and work in our central office. But that doesn’t mean that having all work done by full-time employees is the only answer. We’re living in a time where you can effectively outsource certain types of work , and it’s certainly worth a look for any resourceful entrepreneur.

In this new “gig economy,” there are a number of reasons you need to consider outsourcing now more than ever, below is a summary:

1. New Overtime Rules
2. The Rise Of The “Slash Career”
3. Added Complexity
4. Employees Cost More Than Just Their Salary

So how do you know what to outsource? Here are 4 questions to consider:

1. Can the work be done virtually?
2. Is there a need for a lot of interaction with people?
3. Is the work web-driven?
4. Is the work something that someone else could do?

To read the full article here: What Business Owners Should Outsource Now

November 12, 2016 |

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